Derp Birds


Hatched from Derp Eggs, kidnapped by Preds, Derplings are the children of the Derp Birds. If utilized correctly they provide very potent support bonuses to holders.
Mint Date
November 17, 2022
Mint Cost
Collection Size
Max of 7,500


The Derp Birds were an all-male species, they discovered a way to incubate eggs, allowing them to populate the planet of Derpetonia with baby Derps, called Derplings.
A maximum of 7,500 Derplings were allowed to hatch from the 15,000 total Derp Eggs incubated. They play a historically important role on the Cardano blockchain as the first collection minted using multi-sig transactions.
Derplings sit inside of the eggshell that they were hatched from, and if the Derp Bird dad was present(in the same wallet) at the time the Derpling was hatched, the Derpling NFT will have a `Dadbog Tag` attribute showing the dad's archetype.


  • Can be staked to earn $DERP every epoch
  • Each Derpling adds +4 additional partner staking slots to the holder's account

Unique Derpling Support Bonuses

Derplings are a supporting character in the project. For now, their key support method is through 2 unique achievements:
Achievement Name
Happy Family
Be holding a Derp Bird and his Derpling child
Earns 150 XP per epoch PER Derp Bird + Derpling child
Who's Your Daddy
Be holding the Pred that was swapped for a Legancy Derp Bird while also holding the Derpling child of that Legacy Derp Bird
Earns 150 XP per epoch PER Pred + Derpling child of OG Derp Bird captured by the Pred
These 2 achievements allow Derplings, when utilized properly, to earn more than the average Derp Bird and even earn more than some Preds.

Hatching a Derpling


Will Derplings get a 2.0 Upgrade?
There are no plans at this time for a 2.0 Derpling feature.
Will Derplings have future roadmap utility?
In addition to staking rewards and unlocking additional partner staking slots, Derplings will provide support utility to the main 2 collections in the project; the Derp Birds and the PREDs.
Can I still hatch an egg to get a Derpling?