Welcome to Derpetonia

If you want to thrive in Derpetonia, you've come to the right place. This guidebook will teach you everything you want to know... and more!
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Where to start

Derpetonia is a vast planet with so much stuff to see and do! All citizens of this great planet have their interests and goals, so we have built something for everyone. Passive rewards systems, gamified collecting, dynamic upgradable NFTs, and more!
Use the following as a jumping-in point to decide what to learn more about!
Learn more about the inhabitants of Derpetonia and their role within the ecosystem!
Claim your outposts around Derpetonia! Upgrade it, fortify it, and collect those sweet rewards!
Complete story campaigns, research new blueprints, craft new traits, and customize derps! So. Much. Stuff.
The best way to find new Derps! Earn rewards, get personalized recommendations, and much more.

Advanced Content

Looking to learn even more about Derpetonia?
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    The $Derp token
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    Gamified collecting
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    Raffle shop