๐Ÿ“กComms Tower

Upgrade the Comms Tower and deposit derp dollars to reduce the fortifiers needed at your outposts!

๐Ÿ‘‰ The Basics

  • Upgrading the Comms Tower and depositing derp dollars reduces the fortifiers needed at the outpost to reach max fortification.

  • At each comms tower level:

    • The total amount of derp dollars that can be deposited is increased

    • The number of fortifiers needed is reduced by 1

  • Any deposited derp dollars can be withdrawn at any time by the of the outpost, with a 10% tax.

  • To reduce the number of fortifiers needed, you must level up the comms tower and deposit the required derp dollars.

๐Ÿค“ How to upgrade

For details on how to upgrade structures, please view the dedicated section that covers how to upgrade.

How to upgrade

๐Ÿ“‹ Upgrade and deposit details

LevelUpgrade costUpgrade timeDeposit LimitFortifiers Needed




25,000 derp dollars



50 $derp

24 hours

50,000 derp dollars



75 $derp

36 hours

100,000 derp dollars


๐Ÿ’ต Depositing and withdrawing derp dollars

Depositing and withdrawing derp dollars is easy and fast; this is an off-chain transaction that uses derp dollars instead of $derp.

From the Manage tab of the Comms Tower window, you can see the current status of the comms tower:

  • The level

  • The deposit limit and if that deposit limit has been reached

  • The fortification requirements

Using the Deposit and Withdraw buttons at the bottom of the window, you can deposit or withdraw preset amounts based on the deposit limit and the number of derp dollars that have already been deposited at the comms tower.

For example, in the screenshot below, the comms tower is level 2 and has 25k derp dollars already deposited. This means the user could deposit another 25,000 or withdraw the 25,000 already there.

If the user were to deposit an additional 25,000, the limit would be reached, and the number of fortifiers needed would be reduced to 2.

Clicking a deposit or withdraw button will give you additional confirmation and details.


When viewing the fortifying window at any outpost, the number of fortifiers needed is now highlighted in green. Clicking the info icon will display the comms tower details for that outpost, showing the level and number of derp dollars deposited there.


It is now possible to over-fortify outposts. If the number of fortifiers at an outpost exceeds the number needed, this outpost is now over-fortified. You can remove the excess fortifiers at your own will.

Currently, there are no penalties or benefits for being over-fortified at an outpost.

You can find which outposts are over-fortified by using the new filter option for the fortification category.

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