Mining Operation

Mining Operation

Our mining operation is fully managed by the capable experts at GGMC. They purchase, manage, and configure our miners based on their experience and our objectives.

Revenue Breakdown

During the first 90 days, 90% of what is mined will go towards acquiring additional miners. This allows us to take advantage of how affordable miners are right now(due to market conditions) to ramp up our hash rate(mining power). The higher the hash rate, the more reward holders receive and the more funding the project has.

After that 90-day period, the mining revenue breakdown shifts to:

  • 50% to outpost holders

  • 20% project development

  • 15% into buying additional miners

  • 15% to add liquidity to the $derp LP and to buy back $derp from the LP

Currencies Breakdown

Our miners are configured to mine multiple currencies to maximize rewards for holders while providing stability.

Our miners can also be reconfigured as market conditions fluctuate, allowing us to shift towards a more conservative or aggressive mining strategy.

1st batch of miners ordered

This table shows the miner types and quantities ordered using funds from the Outpost NFT collection sale.

Bitcoin miners

In October 2023, we ordered the S21 Bitcoin miners, the next-generation miners. We receive some S21s each month and expect to have all of them online by June 2024.

Derp Birds is one of the first in the world to use the S21 miner.

MinerQuantityToken MinedOnline

Bitmain Antminer S21



38 / 73

Bitmain Antminer L7



52 / 52

Bitmain Antminer D9



12 / 12

Bitmain Antminer K7



10 / 10

Bitmain Antminer X5



11 / 11

2nd batch of miners ordered

This table shows the miner types and quantities ordered on February 28th, after the 90-day compounding period from our original batch of miners. In total, this order cost $100,000 with pre-paid electricity.

MinerQuantityToken MinedOnline

Bitmain Antminer KS5 Pro



1 / 1

Bitmain Antminer KS3



1 / 1

Bitmain Antminer K7



2 / 2

Mining Performance

You can view the performance of our mining operation on the Gold Rush home screen.

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