Fortify outposts using Derp character NFTs to earn Derp Dollars(convertible to $derp) each epoch!

👉 Start Here

  • Outposts do not need to be fortified to earn ADA rewards

  • Outposts can be fortified using derp character NFTs

  • Anyone can fortify any outpost, even if they do not own it

  • The outposts' faction determines which character collection can be used to fortify it

  • All characters fortifying an outpost earn Derp Dollars(DD) each epoch

  • A fully fortified outpost earns Derp Dollars each epoch

How much $derp?!

More details about how much $derp is earned and how to claim can be found here.

🏰 How to fortify

  1. Navigate to an outpost in the Gold Rush app

  2. Click the button

  3. Select an empty fortification slot

  4. Click on an available character to add it to the outpost

  5. DONE ✅

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