Show off your stats, traits, collection, and achievements!

Profiles allow users to keep track of their journey through Derpetonia as well as view the journey of other Derpetonians as well.

đŸ“Ļ Traits

The traits tab allows users to see which traits they have collected and which ones they are still missing. Players earn 1 additional Trait Score point for each new unique trait that they collect. There is a Trait Score leaderboard where players can see how stack up against other citizens of Derpetonia.

You can learn even more about trait collection and trait scores here: https://twitter.com/DerpBirdsNFT/status/1636082424005427200

A user's entire Derp collection can be viewed on the collection tab. By clicking on a Derp, the character details are displayed, including on and off-chain metadata that tells the complete story of the Derp.

To view which achievements have been earned, navigate to the achievements tab. If a player is viewing another player's profile, a comparison between the 2 players is displayed that allows the player to see who has unlocked more achievements.

Visit the Achievements page to learn more about achievements.

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