ADA Rewards

Set out across Derpetonia to stake your claim on its bountiful resources!

👉 The Basics

Outposts are fun, dynamic, customizable, interactive NFTs that generate rewards for holders. Rewards come from 3 primary sources:

  1. Crypto mining operation

  2. Project royalties

  3. Ecosystem fees

In addition to these reward sources, if fortified, outposts also earn $derp. Read more about fortifying outposts here.

⛏ī¸ Mining Operation

Funds raised from the outposts mint are used to acquire crypto miners through our partnership with Goofy Gopher Mining Club; revenue generated from those miners is sent back to the holders of outposts. 80% of the funding from the Outpost mint is used to acquire miners.

👉 Learn more about the mining operation

Other Reward Sources

In addition to earning rewards from our mining operation, medium and large outposts earn rewards from additional sources.

  • Small - Mining

  • Medium - Mining, Ecosystem

  • Large - Mining, Ecosystem, Royalties

Earning Multipliers

Every outpost earns rewards, but where the outpost is located will determine the rewards multiplier. The more rare and exotic the location, the greater the reward multiplier!

Uniques (1 of 1s)

There are 15 unique(1 of 1) outposts, each with an exclusive location only it has. Unique outposts have the highest earning multiplier.

Claiming Your Rewards

Mining rewards will be distributed monthly as ADA. Rewards will be claimable in March or April of 2024 once the compounding period for the miners has ended.

ADA rewards do not expire; users can let rewards accumulate and claim them when they wish.

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