Launched in January of 2022 our achievement system rewards users with XP based on the NFTs they collect, the actions they take on the roadmap, and their activity in Discord. From the Derp App users can browse all achievements and see which ones they have unlocked.

Achievement Types

  • Collector – based on the NFTs the user collects

  • Participator – based on how the user interacts with each roadmap milestone

  • Socializer – based on the number of messages sent and reactions used in Discord

Special Types

  • Repeatable - achievements that can be repeated by the user

  • Recurring Reward - achievements that give the player the reward every epoch so long as the achievement is still unlocked

  • Per Basis - achievements that players earn rewards for, for each successful completion of the achievement(ie you get the reward for "Happy Family" for each Derp Bird and biological Derpling Child

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