Derp Birds

The Derp Birds

The primary character collection– The Derp Birds can do ALL the #stuff. If you’re new, this is the place to start.
This page details information for The Derp Birds(2.0) collection, which is the upgraded version of the Legacy Derp Birds [Deprecated](OG) collection. This collection(2.0) is the primary collection for the project.
Mint Date
December 23, 2022
Mint Cost
$DERP (variable cost)
Collection Size


The Derp Birds are 1 of 2 of the primary character collections of the Derp Birds project, The Preds being the other primary character collection.
The Derp Birds(also called 2.0 Derps) is an upgraded version of the Legacy Derp Birds [Deprecated] collection. A Derp Bird can still be minted by going through Derp Birds 2.0: Rebirth which allows the holder to upgrade an OG to 2.0.
All future roadmap utility is reserved for the upgraded Derp Birds(2.0). You can learn much more about Rebirth at Derp Birds 2.0: Rebirth.


The first collection in the Derp Birds universe, The Derp Birds and Preds are considered the story's main characters and project.
Each Derp Bird has 7 unique traits: Head, Ears, Beak, Eyes, Body, Back, and Tail as well as a background trait.
All Derp Birds are made up of traits from 14 complete character archetypes.
The 14 Archetypes
  • Dave
  • Astro
  • Magician
  • Ninja
  • Redneck
  • Stoner
  • DJ
  • Viking
  • Monk
  • Corpo
  • Cyborg
  • Buff
  • Mad Scientist
  • Deity
  • (+ Ghost, the only 1/1)
Derp Birds with all traits of a single archetype are called Perfect Specimens and have a unique background. Perfect Specimens have a number of special benefits throughout the ecosystem and earn more than non-perfects of the same rarity.
All Derp Birds fall into 1 of 7 rarity ranks: Common, Uncommon, Scare, Rare, Epic, Mystical, and Legendary.


  • Can be staked to earn $DERP
  • Each Derp Bird adds +10 additional partner staking slots to the holder's account
    • Perfect Specimens unlock additional slots
  • One Derp Bird is needed to unlock partner staking for an account– without a Derp Bird, a user cannot earn staking rewards for partner NFTs
  • 2.0 Derp Birds can participate in our upcoming Adventures in Derpetonia game
  • Once launched, 2.0 Derp Birds can be customized using Customization