Derp Birds


Major Feature
This page serves only as a high-level overview of this feature at this time. This will be a very large roadmap feature and as the details are finalized we will add several new sub-pages for this feature.
The Armory is where users can customize their 2.0 Derp Birds and PREDs with new traits that they have earned from Questing.

Identifying Traits

Before a new trait, NFT can be used to customize an existing NFT, it must first be identified. All traits start unidentified which means their name, artwork and any benefits associated with them are not visible. Once a user identifies a trait all of the metadata for the trait NFT are revealed.

Customizing NFTs

From The Armory users can customize their Derp Birds and PREDs. When customizing a user will select the NFT they wish to customize and then see that the NFT along with all of the traits eligible traits that they hold can be used for the selected NFT.

Customization Rules

There are some limitations to how NFTs can be customized. The rules are currently being defined and more details will be added soon.


When I replace a trait with a new one, do I get the keep the old one?