Derp Birds

Derp Apes(Drapes)

Derp + Apes = Drapes 😏
Mint Date
February, 2022
Mint Cost
32 ADA
Collection Size


Drapes started as a joke but were then meme'd into existence by the Derp Birds community. They represent the best of the original Derp art style and are considered the former artist's legacy project which is why we will never update the artwork for this collection.


When the Pred invaded Derpetonia, the Derp Birds fled through a portal built by the Mad Scientist. On the other side of the portal the Derp Birds found themselves on the planet of Derpetonia, the same planet they left behind... but this planet has already been inhabited by Derps, not by birds, but by apes, the Derp Apes.


  • Can be staked to earn $DERP every epoch
  • Each Derp Apes adds +4 additional partner staking slots to the holder's account


Will there be Derp Apes 2.0?
Will Drapes have future roadmap utility?
Derp Apes are support characters(similar to Derplings) in the Derp Birds project. They provide staking rewards and unlock additional partner staking slots. The main characters of the project are Derp Birds and PREDs.
We can't comment on exactly what possible plans may be for Derp Apes, but if you want an NFT with the most utility, then Derp Birds and PREDs are a better choice.