Derp Birds

Eggs / Shards

Mint Date
Oct. / Nov., 2021
Mint Cost
19 ADA / Free
Collection Size
15,000 / 75
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Derp Birds using an Incubator facility to create Derp Eggs.
The Derp Birds were an all-male species, they discovered a way to incubate eggs, allowing them to populate the planet of Derpetonia with baby Derps, called Derplings.
Starting in October 2021, all Legacy Derp Birds were able to visit the Incubator to create eggs. All Derp Birds could incubate at least one egg, while Common and Uncommon Derp Birds could incubate every 7 days until 15,000 eggs had been created.
In November, when the Hatchery opened, holders of eggs could hatch the first 7,500 eggs to receive their Derplings. There was a 1% chance that a hatch would fail and the user would receive a Derp Egg Shard instead.
The Incubator Launch Trailer


  • 7,500 Eggs were used to hatch Derplings
  • 7,500 Eggs were used for creating PREDs
  • Eggs can be staked to earn XP
  • 25 Shards can be turned in for a special treasure(nobody has claimed this treasure yet)
  • Shards can be used to get more rare PREDs
  • Shards can be staked to earn XP