Derp Birds

The Preds

Pred("Derp" spelled backward), the enemies of Derp Birds have invaded Derpetonia
Mint Date
May, 2022
Mint Cost
Collection Size
Max of 5,000


The Pred are the enemies of the Derp Birds and are considered the other main character collection of the project. Preds are created by giving up a Legacy Derp Bird or a Derpling and at least one Derp Egg. Up to 2,500 Derplings and 2,500 Legacy Derp Birds can be used to allow a Pred to invade but the cap of 2,500 Derplings has already been reached, meaning it now requires a Legacy Derp Bird to create a Pred.
Preds were launched on an unlocked policy meaning their metadata can be updated based on holder activity and customizations. The entire collection will receive a free artwork upgrade(Pred v2) in Season 3. Holders will not need to do anything to receive this upgrade since the policy is already unlocked.
The Pred Invasion Portal is now closed which means no new Preds can be created. The portal may reopen once the Pred v2 artwork reveal as taken place.


All Pred have a rank, ranging from 1 to 4. Each new level of rank unlocks a new trait for the Pred.
Rank 1
Body, Eyes, Head (base traits)
Rank 2
Adds Head Gear
Rank 3
Adds Back Gear
Rank 4
Adds Front Gear
Rank 1 - 4 Preds – Each new rank adds a new trait


  • Can be staked to earn $DERP - Preds earn the highest amount of staking rewards on average
  • Each Pred adds +8 additional partner staking slots to the holder's account
  • Once OG Derp Bird collection floor price reaches a certain threshold, Preds will unlock partner staking for the holder(currently only OG Derp Birds do this)
  • Preds can participate in the upcoming Questing feature
  • Preds are linked to the OG Derp Bird or Derpling that was sacrificed to create them, if Rescue Missions are permitted, the holders of these PREDs will be able to attempt Rescue Missions
  • Once launched, Preds can be customized using The Armory

Pred FAQ

How can I get a Pred?
The Pred Invasion Portal is no longer open. View Preds on JPG Store
What is the cost to get a Pred?
There is no fee to create a PRED though there is a dust fee that will vary based on the number of eggs you use for the invasion.
What are Pred Ranks?
All PREDs come as Rank 1, Rank 2, Rank 3, Rank 4. Each Rank adds a new trait to the PRED:
  • Rank 1 - Base traits: body, eyes, head
  • Rank 2 - Head Gear
  • Rank 3 - Back Gear
  • Rank 4 - Front Gear
What is Battle Prepardedness?
BP is a scoring system that will allow you to guarantee(or at least increase your chances at) a higher-ranked PRED. The amount of Battle Preparedness you have is based on the assets that you trade for your PRED. You can view the Boost Cheat Sheet here.
What is the benefit to having a higher ranked Pred?
Similar to how Derp Birds of each rarity had special benefits and uses, different ranks of PREDs may also have unique uses throughout the upcoming Season 3 roadmap.
What happens to the Derp Bird/Derpling that I trade for Pred?
Derp Birds/Derplings will be locked away securely in a PRED Prison. There has been some discussion of allowing you to later save those Derp Birds/Derplings, but this is not a guarantee!
If you are not comfortable with the idea of not getting your Derp/Derplings back, then do not send them to PRED Prison! We love the idea of rescues but it will come down to a community vote based on market conditions.
Is there a limit on how many Preds can be created?
A maximum of 5,000 PRED can be created.
  • 2,5000 Derplings have already been used to create PREDs
  • Up to 2,500 OG Derp Birds can be used to create PREDs
When will the Pred Invasions end?
When 5,000 PREDs are created the portal will close, however, we may close the portal before then. If we do we will give everyone notice.

Pred Trailer

PRED Launch Trailer