✅Derp Birds 2.0: Rebirth

Major Feature


Rebirth is a token upgrade for the Legacy Derp Birds collection. Holders of the original Legacy Derp Birds will be able to upgrade their Derps by trading their original Derp for a new NFT that features an all all-new, upgraded art style and is on an open policy which means the NFT can be updated over time based on user choices throughout the roadmap.

The new token will feature the upgraded art but will also have a copy of the old artwork in the metadata as well.

Simply saying that the new token is an "upgrade to the art" is a massive understatement. Not only is the new token going to set a standard for how customizable NFTs will be built on Cardano, but the art upgrade alone represents one of the most substantial artwork upgrades in the history of NFTs.

Open Policy

Having the Derp Birds on an open policy will allow the metadata of the NFT to change over time based on how the NFT is used in the roadmap. It also makes customizing the Derp Bird possible, allowing holders to change the visual style of the Derp Bird... more on this in customization.

The original tokens

When upgrading to the new Derp Bird NFTs, the holder will send the old NFT and receive the new one. The old NFTs will be stored in a verifiable burn wallet which is a wallet that not even the team can access. These NFTs cannot be burned(removed from the blockchain) since the policy is now locked.

Something Extra

In addition to the original artwork and the new 2.0 artwork, there will be something else special included in the 2.0 token as well... 😈


When the feature launches all holders will be able to upgrade by simply connecting their wallet, selecting the Derp Bird(s) they want to upgrade, and paying the $DERP fee required for the upgrade. The old NFTs will be replaced with the new upgraded ones.


The cost to upgrade is calculated as: [$DERP generated by asset per epoch * 10]

Said another way, the cost to upgrade a Legacy Derp Bird is the amount of $DERP that it generates in 10 epochs.


Do I have to upgrade from OG to 2.0?

Absolutely not. If you are attached to your original Derp Bird, you will not be forced to upgrade, it's entirely optional and we respect that some people will want to keep the originals as collector items and nostalgia. We know that there are some collectors who enjoy collecting more than participating in the roadmap and we encourage everyone to do whatever they enjoy most 😍

However, the Legacy collection will not receive the benefits of the new collection. Any new roadmap features launched will be centered around the new collection.

WIll the utility be the same of Legacy and 2.0 collections?

No. The Legacy collection is limited because it's a locked policy and because we do want to encourage(not force) people to upgrade.

Will 2.0's earn more than Legacy?

We're not certain yet.

We may make changes to earning rates before/during/after the upgrade event begins to encourage more people to upgrade.

Can I revert a 2.0 to Legacy?


What happens to my Legacy Derp Bird when I upgrade?

It's sent to a wallet that the team controls. The Legacy Derp Birds will never leave that wallet.

We cannot burn the legacy NFTs since the policy is now locked.

How much will it cost to upgrade?

The cost to upgrade each Derp Bird is the amount of $DERP that the Derp Bird generates for 10 epochs worth of staking rewards.

Will the rarity rank of my Derp Bird change when I upgrade?

No. Rarity ranks should remain mostly the same, especially for the rarer NFTs in the collection.

Will my Derp Bird have the same traits after the upgrade?

Yes. In the metadata the traits will be the same. This means if you have Back: Redneck on your Legacy, the upgraded will have that same trait in the metadata.

However, some traits will have changed more visually than others. Our goal was to keep the overall "essence" of Derp with the new art but there have been some adjustments made that we feel may help attract new collectors to the project.

Will Derps in PRED Prison be upgraded?

No. If we do Rescue Missions, users will be able to rescue OGs and then upgrade them to 2.0.

How many Derps can I upgrade at a time?


Is there a time limit on when I can upgrade?

No. We have no plans to limit the time window for when people can upgrade.

Can I use a 2.0 Derp Bird to create a PRED?


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