✅Floor Bounties

Major Feature


The Twitter Raids featured is geared towards rewarding new members joining the community, the Floor Bounties feature gamifies and rewards the buyers of the cheapest listed(floor) Derp Bird, PRED, Derp Ape, or Derpling.

How it works

Whenever a Derp NFT is listed on the floor it has a bounty placed on it. When someone buys that asset from the floor, they are able to claim the $DERP bounty. The longer the NFT is on the floor the higher the bounty becomes.

The reward is calculated based on the overall price of the NFT and the amount of time that the NFT spends on the floor.

Claiming Bounties

When viewing the list of bounties that can be claimed, if the wallet the user has actively connected to the app matches the wallet used to purchase an NFT that had a bounty on it, they can immediately claim their bounty.

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