Adventures in Derpetonia

Major Feature

This page serves only as a high-level overview of this feature at this time. This will be a very large roadmap feature and as the details are finalized we will add several new sub-pages for this feature.


Questing is an interactive, gamified activity where you send your Derp Birds and PREDs on adventures all over Derpetonia to earn different types of rewards for your account and the NFTs that you send on the quests.


All 2.0 Derp Birds and PREDs can be used for quests so long as they are not actively engaged in another quest or other future activity.

Some quests will have a certain Power Level requirement to be able to attempt the quest.


The current plan is for players to use XP to initiate quests instead of $DERP or ADA. We do this to make it a better user experience for players to initiate quests if they have many NFT assets to use for quests. This may change before the launch of this feature.


There are 3 types of rewards for v1 of questing:

  • XP($DERP)

  • Unidentified Traits

  • Progression Points

Rewards: XP($DERP)

For completing a quest users earn account XP($DERP). The amount earned depends on the difficulty of the quests being attempted. Generally, players will earn more XP for questing than they will from staking.

Rewards: Unidentified Traits

These are NFTs that can be used to customize 2.0 Derp Birds and PREDs once they have been identified at The Armory. When players acquire unidentified traits they are sent to the player's "Loot Crate" where they can claim all of the unidentified traits NFTs that they have collected.

Rewards: Progression Points

NFTs that are used on quests receive progression points(PPs). Each NFT used in a quest will earn 1PP. PP will be used in later roadmap features and will allow the NFTs to be used in those features. An example of this would be allowing PREDs to advance to Rank 5 once they reach a certain number of PPs.

Success / Fail

More details coming soon.

Quest Duration

More details coming soon.


More details coming soon.

Account Upgrades

More details coming soon.

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