✅Power Scores

Power Scores determine how effective your Derp Birds and Preds are in Adventures in Derpetonia and games.

Power Scores will be introduced at the same time as the Exchange Rate update & Rebalancing update.

Last updated on Mar-28-2023.

👨‍đŸĢ Overview

All Derp Birds and Preds will be assigned their initial power score based on the rarity of their traits.

Power Score is always 10 times whatever the XP that the character earns per epoch. This means all factors that increase a character's XP per epoch will have an impact on the character's power score.

Some example factors:

  • Derp Birds get a boost to XP based on their rarity tier(common, mystical, etc)

  • Derp Birds get a boost to XP if they are Perfect Specimens

  • Preds get a boost to XP based on their Pred Rank(R1, R2, etc)

  • Preds inherit the XP from the Derp Eggs and Shards that were given up to create it

Lastly, there are other ways for Derp Brids and Preds to increase their power score that rely on how they are utilized. This gives collectors the opportunity to improve without needing to have some of the rarer characters in the collections.

Here is a complete breakdown of XP bonuses:


Derp Birds and Preds

Rarity Trait Multiplier

A character's overall rarity tier adds a multiplier to the amount of XP each train earns

Common: 1.4 Uncommon: 1.5 Scare: 1.6 Rare: 1.7 Epic: 1.9 Mystical: 2 Legendary: 2.2 Unique: 2.4

Derp Birds

Rarity Tier Bonus

A derp's overall rarity tier adds a bonus amount of XP

Common: 0 Uncommon: 0 Scare: 50 Rare: 100 Epic: 200 Mystical: 500 Legendary: 1000 Unique: 1200

Derp Birds

Perfect Specimen bonus

Perfect Specimens get an additional bonus amount of XP

Common: 600 Uncommon: 700 Scare: 900 Rare: 1100 Epic: 1500 Mystical: 2000 Legendary: 2500 Unique: 2500


Rank bonus

A pred's rank adds a bonus amount of XP

Rank 1: 0 Rank 2: 50 Rank 3: 200 Rank 4: 500

Preds will have additional bonuses with the launch of Pred v2

Derplings and Derp Apes

Derplings and Derp Apes will also have power scores, but those scores will be a flat/static amount for all Derplings and all Derp Apes.

If we followed the same rules for Derplings and Derp Apes that we do for Derp Birds and Preds, most of the Derplings and Derp Apes would have really low power scores and make them nearly useless in Adventures in Derpetonia.

A flat power score for all Derplings and Derp Apes ensures that all of them are still useful when utilized as support characters.

🚀 Power Scores in Adventures in Derpetonia

All task types in Adventures in Derpetonia have a set(and in some cases, user-defined) difficulty level that corresponds to Power Scores. For example:

  • Quest A

    • Difficulty: Mystical - 30,000 Power Score

  • Quest B

    • Difficulty: Uncommon - 3,000 Power Score

These difficulty ranges are intended to give players a target Power Score level to ensure 100% success rate for that quest. Players who cannot hit the Power Score requirements for a quest can still attempt the quest without having a 100% success chance. Players can also add additional Derp/Preds to a task and the combined Power Score of all included characters will go towards meeting the task PS requirement.

đŸĨ‡ Leaderboards

With the launch of Adventures in Derpetonia, a Power Score leaderboard will be added to the Leaderboards section of the app, allowing players to compete for the highest Power Score rank.

🔮 The Future

Power Scores will be used throughout the Season 4 roadmap and beyond. The goal is to allow holders to improve their favorite Derp/PRED NFTs over many seasons and to have a competitive advantage for investing time and effort into their NFTs.

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