Derp Birds

$DERP - Utility Token

Our arcade-like utility token
$DERP has been created to serve strictly as a utility token for the Derp Birds project, as such, the team has not created a liquidity pool or trading pair for the token, however, a community-created pool does exist on Minswap.
$DERP is the fungible, utility token for the Derp Birds project. We like to compare the token to an arcade token; you win them from playing within the ecosystem and spend them within the ecosystem.
Important to note is that users do not earn $DERP from any activity, including our staking system. Instead, they earn XP. XP is our centralized point system and is used to level up user accounts. As users earn XP they can optionally decide to convert XP to $DERP at the Derp Exchange.

How to earn $DERP

Derp Birds is about community and inclusion so we are working on providing many ways to earn $DERP. Remember, within our ecosystem the only way to get $DERP is to convert XP to $DERP. Below is a list of things you can do to earn XP:


Our token has had at least one use since its launch in July of 2022. There are many new uses coming for the token in Season 3, all of which will be revealed soon.

Day-1 uses for $DERP

  • Spend $DERP on raffle tickets for NFTs and other fun prizes at the Raffle Shop

Upcoming Uses

  • Spend $DERP Derp Birds: Rebirth– an upgrade for the Legacy Derp Bird NFT tokens
  • Upgrade your XP:$DERP exchange rate to get more $DERP for your XP at the Derp Exchange
  • 6+ new uses coming in Season 3

Lite paper

Learn more about our $DERP token from the lite paper.