Derp Birds

Season 3

With the foundations of Seasons 1 and 2 beneath us, Season 3 will be focused on fun 🚀

Overview - A whole lotta fun

Saying Season 3 is stacked is a huge understatement:
Migrating the Legacy Derp Birds collection to an open policy token with the most substantial art upgrade ever seen in the NFT space, bar none.

Pred Art Upgrade(V2)

Can you even imagine Pred reimagined by Golden? The correct answer is no, no you cannot.

Power Levels

The Derp Birds and Pred get a Power Scores metric based on the rarity of their attributes. Increase their Power Score to make them more effective for questing... and more.

Twitter Raids

Get rewarded for showing off your new Derp Birds on Twitter. Get rewarded for raiding those Tweets.

Floor Bounties

Buy the cheapest listed Derp NFT from any collection, and get rewarded.


Flex on the community
Compete on the leaderboards across many vectors of the project.

Public Profiles

We're bringing them back, better than ever. Stalk your friends, see their achievements, stats, collections, and more.
Send your Derp Birds and PREDs on adventures, earn rewards including new traits to use to customize your NFTs.

Account Upgrades

Spend your $DERP on kick-ass upgrades for your account. Customize your account for the way you like to experience the project.

The Armory

The big finale for the season. Identify(reveal) the traits you earned from questing, and then customize your NFTs.

Bringing it all together

Bringing all of Season 3 together and launching it on top of the foundation established in Season 1 and Season 2 we will arrive at a point in the project where there is always something fun and rewarding for collectors to be doing.
Equally exciting is that the foundations of the features being developed for Season 3 can be expanded upon over time and will be reusable for other features. This is important for the maintainability of the project and gives us an advantage, allowing us to build new things more quickly.
So. Much. Stuff.

Season 3 uses for $DERP

In Season 3 we introduce several new uses for our utility token, $DERP:
  • Upgrading Legacy Derp Birds to 2.0
  • Upgrading XP:$DERP exchange rate for user accounts
  • Upgrading the raffle system for user accounts
  • Multiple upgrades related to Questing
  • Identifying earned traits
  • Customizing NFTs at The Armory